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I live in the UK, I'm not aware that this has ever been a thing here. I'm bummed because IAMX didn't come to the UK on their last tour (I've seen them 3 times already though, but I need endorphins where I can get them plus they were doing mental health gatherings on their last tour :<) here is a list of bands I've seen live (hyphenated ones were support acts at a concert) I may end up missing one..

Green Day
- Hard-Fi
- Taking Back Sunday
- Jimmy Eat World

The Blanks (just because they played at my uni, not very into their music though Scrubs was a good show.)

-The Pretty Reckless



Mindless Self Indulgence
- The Red Paintings (this was the best band I discovered through a concert and their set was really weird too.)
- The Dead Betas

IAMX (x3)

Steven Wilson (x4)

The Birthday Massacre
- The Dead Betas
- Among The Echoes (I think honestly don't remember this band really, and they may have been replaced at the show or something but they were like goth rock or something and opening for TBM.)


A Perfect Circle

The Dresden Dolls

so 17? I would go to many more, but I shouldn't really go to any at all. I feel guilty for doing fun stuff when I can't make myself do other stuff and I still tend to get really anxious especially in the last few years but it helps a small amount. And music is very important to me in a spiritual/drug sense.

Some people heard my words and thought it meant they knew me
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I jump in many different heads through these words and poems
Always hoping maybe the next leap'll be my leap home

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