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Cannabis oil has helped me immensely and it covers a wide range of symptoms. In order for cannabis oil to work and in order for patients to see a difference there needs to be some sort of explanation as to what CBD and THC can do separately and what can these cannabinoids do together. Cannabis sativa is the name for plant and from this species the plant can be hemp or marijuana. Hemp is cannabis which holds trace amounts of THC and companies are starting to breed the THC out completely giving CBD isolate. Legalization is important from a medical standpoint but, companies are taking advantage and using words like organic, farm to table, lab tested, no pesticides, full spectrum without having any idea of what all this means. Now imagine a person who is dealing with a chronic health issue who is looking to get better by using an alternative treatment but is receiving misleading information. Marijuana has far more therapeutic benefits than hemp. CBD derived from marijuana can certainly decrease the level of anxiety for anyone. THC however, needs to be in the equation because it has the medical properties to reduce anxiety also. I choose King Harvest Wellness for my medical needs because they tell you over and over again to micro dose your medicine and find "YOUR PERSINAL" sweet spot. Those people who have said that CBD does not work for you. Okay. The reason it is not working is because it is derived from HEMP. There is a difference and each has its place in the world.
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