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it's only wrong if you meet some judgemental priviliged buttwipe who's never known adversity or loneliness in their life.

my home greets me when I arrive (yes it's a smart home, not it's not a frikkin Alexa or some other Skynet bullshxt), and I respond.

I have strongly considered getting a sex doll so i can force myself to develop feelings for it (i think surrogate attachment is a more fitting term than just "feelings" tho) so i can receive simulated sex and comfort.

I will create a soul for the doll, but i will never believe (as in "on faith") that the doll is actually alive, like an objectosexual would, altho objectosexuals seem to focus on buildings , rocks and furniture etc. but, as is my main point here; they genuinely believe that objects are sentient.

i really have no qualms at all about wanting to emulate or actually emulating sex/romance/friendship. it's your brain, do whatever you want!
if you have the power to conjure something that almost feels like a real relationship and it's not making your life worse; do it.

i also often anthropomorphize/deify cannabis so i may refer to "talking to MJ", "let's see what Mary Jane thinks about this", "yo MJ, it's been a while", and the like, but now i'm steering into more personally metaphysical aspects of this topic so i'll cut myself short inste
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