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Possibly a schizo

Wow I really had to swallow my pride to post this. For a while I was convinced that hearing people mutter wasn't all in my head. Not to say that sometimes it may be a real thing as i wouldn't put it past someone to spite me or salvage their pride under their breath. I know people can be nasty, but they're rarely that in your face horrible. But lately i think i've been hearing things when im around others, like little comments being made under their breath regarding one of my facial features (even from my own mother) . To put things into perspective i've heard 4 comments about it in the past 3 months from different people.. I was bullied quite a lot about my nose growing up from a handful of people, so its only natural i will be going through the rest of my life with some kind of paranoia and self-loathing. I've had BDD for as long as i can remember.. In fact all of my immediate family members have commented about it out loud, so i know im not delusional in that part. "you are good-looking but have a big nose, hitler wouldn't like you, maybe you should get work done." Anyways enough of the pity party, everyone has their own problems.

I may seek help at this point even though i've always kind of brushed it off, but auditory hallucinations can progress so why not put an end to it.Even though i'm still not set that people really aren't muttering under their breath, as i know its happened a few times after confronting people about it. When i was a cashier it would always annoy the ****ing hell out of me when a couple or something would whisper to themselves as im ringing them up... At my last job that lasted 2 weeks, I walked out because my co-workers were talking in another language right beside me and laughing then would turn all serious and antagonistic when talking to me in english.. Maybe that's why people do it, to make you go crazy..

edit: I now realized that my title is pretty dumb
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