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Thanks for the good responses everyone, and I have found all of them very useful and helpful.

I could possibly give periodic reports on my laziness or lack of motivation, and have a continuing thread going, as I have done with "Took A Shower Today," which I see in my life as often due to laziness.

Today, I woke up too early, and was of course unhappy that a lot of places I wanted to go to and conduct business might have been closed for their employees to have a four day holiday weekend.

And, some places I wanted to go to were just closed, on Monday, Holiday or not.

On matter that might need a thread of its own is opening and closing schedules of the US Post Offices which are extremely variable from one place to another, but again, that's getting off the topic.

I went back to sleep and woke up about noon, feeling very motivated to do a lot of things I've been wanting to do, and got as many of these things done as I could and still feel motivated to do more things until probably midnight tonight, and make a list of things to do tomorrow, hopefully feeling just as motivated tomorrow as I have been today.

One thing that especially annoys me, and bothers me, and I'm sure it's the same with many others, is the dominance of modern society by electronic and mechanical devices which do not function right, and probably the biggest example is loose electrical connections. I like to have all of the machines and electronic devices that I use in my daily life working in good condition, but that is just not possible, and fixing such things takes a lot of learning how to, as well as taking the time, once you learn, and laziness very much comes into play in both learning and doing in this case.

Many thanks again for all the good and insightful replies.

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