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I tried CBD in different forms. Tinctures, vape, capsules, isolate, edibles, etc. I started with low dosages and worked my way up, and tried taking it several times a day. I did so for about 5-6 months. Honestly, there was no change for me. My work involves dealing with a lot of strangers every shift and dealing with some A-type personalities. I felt no change in my anxiety at all. I didn't sleep any better. I really wanted it to work. It seems to me CBD proponents are hyping it up as some cure-all. I would be more willing to believe that at most, for certain people in certain circumstances, it might have some mild effects. I honestly couldn't say that it did anything for me. I tried taking pretty decent doses before hanging out with friends or coworkers and really there was no change. I wasn't any more social, open, or calm. I just gave up after giving it an honest try. If it really worked and changed my social situation I would be recommending it heavily, but that just wasn't the case for me.
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