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Originally Posted by rabidfoxes View Post
I also thought the comment doubting your previous illness was rude and just plain wrong, but I am not sure about this line in your response. Because...

We have different life stories and genetic predispositions. I don't think we can say that anyone can be cured, because many people don't get better. And it would be wrong to claim that it's because they aren't trying hard enough. You know what I mean?

It's great that you got better though, I really enjoyed your story and its final image of you having an awesome time surrounded by big big speakers. Keep it up!
Every problem has a solution is all I'm saying. You won't get better if you think you can't. It takes time though. Took me 13 years. And I honestly thought I couldn't be cured. I just realised that my goals were soooo wrong. It took a change of perspective for me to realise what I had to do and I got better.

But yeah I ain't forcing my ideas or beliefs on anyone. Just staying positive. Everyone definitely is different. So they have different solutions. The one thing I can say though is hold on to hope. The answer may not be obvious at first or might not appear to you now but it can. As long as we keep working on it.

ALSO I wish there were more services and transparency for people with SA, depression etc. Just doesn't seem like there is enough (not where I live anyway).

Be kind to one another
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