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Originally Posted by boswell1967 View Post
Hello there from California! Your story is fantastic to read and I can totally relate to the depression and anxieties that you went through. They are our tribulations!!! We share them and we need to share them in order for others to realize that they are not alone. Honestly this was so well written I encourage you to write short stories about this or something that is in creative writing. I am also beating my anxieties and depression daily and a constant reminder is my faith (:
Are you not taking any medications anymore? I micro dose cannabis oil to manage my symptoms of anxiety and depression. I am not smoking a joint 24/7
I use my tinctures when I know that there is a symptom that is popping up.
Originally Posted by PythonMom View Post
Sweetness and congrats! Your revelation sounds incredible. 🙂
Originally Posted by toouncoolforschool View Post
Thanks for sharing your story. That's a really good way to think about social anxiety.
Thanks you guys! Hopefully it becomes a very common story for all of us, where we all can beat it and live the lives we want to!

I am not taking any medication, and at the time I got better I was off it too. It didn't work for me and all I got was side effects even though I took them for a while, tried different ones etc. BUT remember everyone is different. I don't want people to stop taking it just because it didn't work for me. Just so happened that this was how I got better. And I have tried to write scripts before but I need a lot of practice. Just so happens that my ideas are all about anxiety and depression so that helps I use my past as inspiration.

Be kind to one another
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