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Originally Posted by EarthDominator View Post
@Ghossts Congratulations for you, I personally know how depression can be so I know the pain and struggle you went through. You totally deserve this newer, and happier, life ahead of you. Wish I could do the same though, but I'm still stuck.
Thanks man, you totally can! Everyone going through these issues can get better, but I can't give you any miraculous advice since everyone has different issues and thus will have a different solution. All I can say is keep on keeping on!

Originally Posted by bassmaster View Post
You just never had it. There's no way anyone with real social anxiety can just snap out of it like that.
Soooo we should all just give up? No, it is possible to get out of it. ANYONE can, even you. I had severe anxiety and depression, wanted to kill myself many times and almost succeeded. I couldn't leave the house unless someone came with me and even then it was super scary. Look, I'm not gonna prove my issues to you, and I'm not gonna berate you for your comment. Because I can understand your position. Just know it will get better, just don't lose hope.

Originally Posted by Maslow View Post
Do you work for a living? That's one of the most difficult things for people with SAD.
I do work for a living. Not a great job, just at a warehouse. I'm just happy for once so I don't really care lol.

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