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Originally Posted by Tuan Jie View Post
Your cynicism is understandable. Though the fact that big pharma shows interest in psychedelics doesn't automatically mean that they are "inventing" medicinal value. If you look into the research, the therapeutic potential is clearly there. This is the reason MAPS (non-profit) and other organisations have been promoting scientific research despite non-rational legislation for decades. The involvement of big pharma means rescheduling of these substances is much more likely than it ever has been. These guys bring in the big bucks for the large scale research to make that happen. If I have to choose between availability of these substances to those who can potentially save their life with them while filling the pockets of big pharma or no availability at all, that's a no brainer.
Availability if you are rich, otherwise no it isn't going to be available. Es-ketamine is not available. I'm not saying there isn't medical evidence to support the medicinal use of psychedelics, there is, and it is equal to the amount of evidence that many doctors use to prescribe medications off label everyday. Yes those drugs have gone through large scale trials but usually for completely unrelated conditions so that those trials have little to do with the off label uses they are using them for. That quantum of evidence is apparently just fine for western medical doctors (hypocrisy).

It is the same bull**** with cannabis, the western medical establishment claims there is no medical evidence (only because they cant patent and profit) when actually there are over 21,000 published medical studies/articles on the medicinal properties of cannabis, including a number of placebo controlled studies. Of course big pharma tried to isolate and patent cannabis molecules but largely failed, like cesamet, marinol, sativex; those have medical value but cannabis does not. It is really laughable and disgusting.

Oh and when it came to rescheduling CBD, nope, it was only given to Epidolex instead even though they are essentially the exact same thing. Big pharma CBD has medical value, non big pharma CBD, abolsutely useless, no accepted medical value, high potent for abuse, etc etc bs.

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