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My therapist mentioned this in a meeting with her, but I can't fake laugh nor fake smile either. If I need a really good (true) laugh all I have to do is call my buddies and talk about the crazy stories we did when we were younger. For me a fake smile or laughter is disingenuous. Smiling and laughing are great, and probably the greatest things to do and thoroughly therapeutic ; however, if they are done in a cavalier fashion without genuine happiness behind the smile or laughter, it makes me uncomfortable and a little insulted to be honest.

@tea111red I agree.

And wet she rose from the lake, and fast and fleet went she
One half the form of a maiden fair with a jet black mare's body

And loud, long and shrill he blew til his steed was by his side
High overhead the grey hawk flew and swiftly did he ride
Saying "Course well, my brindled hound, and fetch me the jet black mare
Stoop and strike, my good grey hawk, and bring me the maiden fair"
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