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There should be official bodies that accredit psychotherapists. In the UK certainly there are, the BPS has a register of all accredited psychologists (those have more stringent conditions), my psychology MSc is accredited with them, which is why I chose that particular course. There is also a body here that accredits counsellors.

The lower down the qualifications you get (a clinical psychologist has to have a lot of university education, for example), the more lax the accreditation. To the point where anyone can basically call themselves a "therapist". So basically anyone can do this, and claim to be offering CBT, but to get your money's worth you should find out what organisations accredit therapists and ensure you see one of those.

Don't fork out for anyone from the internet, including the Dr Richards ****e advertised on this site, its half gibberish and doesn't follow the standards of high quality CBT. Likewise ignore anyone from Youtube (*cough Noah), or any other guru or whatever.

Yes, there are a lot of scammers selling crap therapy, because it's very easy to do, and hard to quantify what is actually good therapy.

1. Find out what the accrediting organisations are for therapy, and the level of therapy you want
2. Find a therapist accredited there
3. Read a CBT self help book or two to get the gist of how the therapy works
4. Interview prospective therapist, to see if you get along and they know their ****

That's what I would do.
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