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For me, positive thinking entails the acknowledgement that it is ok to strain away from positive thoughts despite having negative thoughts at the same time. We must tell ourselves that we all make mistakes and learning from them teaches us a valuable lesson. If I have a ****ty day and say to myself "I hate life" or "I suck at life, no one likes me", I try to catch myself and say, "I am having a ****ty day, yes it sucks", and, "self loathing will never further my health".

Catching a negative thought and understanding that it is normal to have these thoughts, allows me to appreciate the diverse and ever so vast structure of our psychological being. In essence, understanding the waywardness in our minds conveys the message it is ok to embrace our fallible minds. To strive for strict, regimented positive thoughts only-absent of negative thoughts-is neither feasible nor healthy.

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