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My name is Boswell and I have been suffering from SAD and GAD for as long as I can remember. In my younger days alcohol was my vice and I have an addictive personality that I am working on with my girlfriend. She is my totem pole and helps me stay focused. However she suffers from severe depression and when she is low she is really down on herself and thinks everything is her fault. I know it's not her fault and I can't blame her for feeling this way but it stirs up my anxiety inside and it has caused me to get frustrated, angry, and emotional at times. I want to marry this woman and we have a dog and a cat together. I am a big believer in cannabis oil and we both use it for medical purposes. Last night I suggested that we look for a doctor so that she can start her therapy. She did it once and I have done the same. I told her that if she wants me to do it with her I am willing to participate. I joined this group to see if there are couples out there in the same situation or similar and can give some friendly advice.
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