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Originally Posted by A Toxic Butterfly View Post
Yeah I liked it a lot. Also a warning to anyone who may have had issues with drugs or heroin in the past, before watching.

I learned a lot, I didn't know too much about them. I remember a few Japanese musicians I liked were inspired by them, and I knew some of their songs. I loved the guys they picked to play all of them they were very good. Plus Iwan rheon as Mick is just the best haha. It was funny, sad, and very entertaining.

I'm sorry FN

I think you should pick the next movie
That's good to hear someone else enjoyed it also. I read the book a long time ago and the crazy stuff that happens was real, or at least as real as they claim haha.

You should pick a movie after @Michael1983

Originally Posted by funnynihilist View Post
I couldn't watch it due to not having Netflix
Did you try searching with the link on page one, 123movies? Might be bootlegs though.

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