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Originally Posted by SplendidBob View Post
Nighttime eating disorder and binge eating disorder. I have both, and it sucks because its a ridiculous struggle to lose weight. I basically have to fast the entire day to even have a chance in hell.

I did a little research on this, but have decided I will use this topic for my univ MSc Health and Wellbeing podcast assessment. Then I can research the **** out of it and do a really thorough lit review to try to figure out wtf is going on.

Never knew there was a term for it lol. Definitely have a binge eating problem. Often eat till stuffed. I think it's also a culture issue, at least in the states. Where you're expected to clean your plate, stuff yourself on holidays and bigger is better when it comes to meals.
When I am thin I have to maintain the weight through starvation, the hunger pangs don't go away.

[Everyone disliked that.]
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