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Interesting thread. It takes me back to my couple of experiences with LSD.

I wasted the opportunities. This was about 20 years ago, when I was young and stupid. I was going through a time of very heavy drug use, mostly ecstasy, and my supplier got hold of some microdots, so I thought I'd give it a go, expecting a buzz of some kind lol.

I remember being out with a friend in central London, just wandering around, after I'd taken some.

What stayed with me was how at one point I became aware of the inner workings of my mind, which must usually be hidden away in the background somewhere.

It's hard to describe, but it was like in certain situations I was aware of my mind entering a mode where various options became available to me.

For example, when my friend and I parted company, I saw how my mind entered "you're on your own now" mode, bringing along with it a feeling of depression. Kind of like the switching from one mood to another was very clear to observe.

The other time I took it and went to a nightclub with some people I knew, again expecting an ecstasy/speed type buzz. This predictably wasn't a good experience. I wasn't with people or in surroundings I felt comfortable with. The result was paranoia and confusion, with some weird visual stuff.

The dude who got me the dots told me afterwards that LSD can open doors in your mind, but that sometimes it opens doors that are best left closed. I thought that was a good way of putting it.

When I think back, I wish I'd been better prepared to make the most of the experiences, so I could have taken more out of them.

If I got the opportunity, I'd take LSD again. But now, with years of being on medication under my belt, I'm not sure what kind of experience I'd have.
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