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Just confessed my crush

I just confessed how I felt to my crush and she was honest and told me she was working on herself and wasn't looking for anything but thanked me for telling her and said she'd be happy to be my wing woman and help me meet other women. I do feel disappointed but I respect her for being direct and she gave me some perspective on a few things, I've been in denial about some stuff and stuck and she pointed out some things she sees and she wasn't wrong.

Not my first race out of the gate, it doesn't hurt like the others have though because I had no expectations and didn't expect anything from her. I just wanted to tell her, be like I really like you. It hurt more with the last one because I had developed real feelings for her. Anyways I learnt I can take rejection and at least she doesn't think I'm creepy or feel uncomfortable with me. She's cool with me.

I have a lot of plans alot and I've only just begun
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