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Criticism of therapy by a former therapist (video)

I think he's right about the problems in mental health field. Some of these are my thoughts on therapy too as someone who's in therapy for more than a year (if it helped me then only a little bit so far). Now I'm thinking whether or not I should quit it which means I'll be doomed for no change in my life and my problems and possible suicide. And I don't think it's a question of how ''professional'' one is because I don't think I can find a better one than I already have. Like where can you search for such unicorns and you just have to go through them all?

I usually write about theory on this forum, on how to cure traumas and mental disorders. I still have the same opinion. But practically this ''healing relationship'' is really hard to achieve, especially if your problems are severe compared to more mild ones. Even in a long-term therapy based on attachment. I feel that because of the ''boundaries'' he's talking about. Therapists actually have such a term and it's a real thing. I found that I need more empathy and involvement than I get. But more in my case means that the therapist will have to cross the boundaries. That's why before recently, for about a year, I was mostly doing a therapy job to my therapist by withholding my emotions and she was always encouraging me to open up more. But when I opened up recently, apparently it was too much.

Of course, I don't want to put my therapist under distress if she doesn't want it. But that just leaves me frustrated that I used to believe in it for so long and payed money for it, but nothing helped and, more importantly, nothing will help me. I don't feel bad about her because she believes in her method, she reads a lot, educates herself on it and I think she's a good professional, but for clients with other problems than mine because I need too much.
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