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I've tried LSD a couple of times before, it definitely made me look at the timeline of my life from a very long term perspective. Also bad trips and hallucinations made me believe in crazy sad things like the death of people I know. It definitely made me a little more appreciative of whats around me, before its gone you know. But I have this issue of just tripping alone in my room with a bunch of technology, which I don't think is conducive to the best thing since I end up realizing "hey this is why you're alone!" I do get the sense of "Get your **** together" and it works for a lot of the next day kinda. Issue is that my brain is too exhausted to do any mental work like schoolwork, or learning things on the side so I just end up doing physical things (cleaning, other chores). As far as "curing" my depression, anxiety it just makes me look at why what I do makes me depressed/anxious. So nowadays I see everything like that, it is kind of torture lately. I can't really get out of my head since it always goes back to that. On the other hand I was able to appreciate works of art more and actually form my own opinions on things beyond having it under the veil of depression/anxiety so I was considering microdosing to just get the ball rolling on myself. DMT I was considering as well, but I'll wait to do my research on it a bit more.
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