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raising your spirits
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Realizing that no one on Earth knows how anyone else should live their life and that anyone who believes they do is a fool.
Realizing that no one could have lived my life better than I have because humans are subject to universal laws of nature.
Realizing that every person who looks down on me is an ignorant narcissist.

As a result, my self-esteem is always very strong. I don't really think it can get any better than it is, since it's basically unconditional.

I can still feel momentarily embarrassed or ashamed in an encounter, because I still have some old programming and my anxiety can throw me off-balance, but my self-esteem heals like Wolverine. I still have to take into consideration what other people think of me to avoid conflicts with people who might be dangerous or disruptive, but their opinions are basically a matter of indifference to me now. People are entitled to their delusions.

In science, ideology tends to corrupt; absolute ideology [corrupts] absolutely" - Robert Nisbet
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