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Oh wow. It makes me glad I never had the courage to seek exposure for my writing. In the early days, what you went through would have been enough to crush the living light out of me. Much strength and perseverence to you.

I have to say this has question marks all over it for me. Why?? A lot of this seems to be very targeted bullying. As in, what did you do to these people? Kidnapped their children and rewrote their DNA to make them look like they were yours? I just can't understand the sheer vitriol. It doesn't make sense. I know people can be cruel, but this sounds excessive, even by internet standards. I am not, obviously, saying you did something to deserve this, only that it's bonkers. I know the fantasy genre is sometimes belittled and not seen as 'literary enuff', but what the hell is wrong with people.

Sorry you had to experience all that. Your behaviour makes sense. Sometimes keeping yourself safe is more important than reaching out to the world.

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