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Originally Posted by sabbath9 View Post
When I was in junior high I received standardized test results that stated I had scored a 97 percentile. When I read that the score meant I scored higher than 97% of other students taking the nationwide test, I was amazed. This was after spending the first ten years of my life legally blind because no one knew I needed glasses.

I then proceeded to start college at 14. Drop out of high school at 15. Pass a GED test at 16. And graduate from college at 18. My first job at 19 was with the grandson of the founder of the college I had just graduated from.

Fast forward to now. After 35 years of working as a computer programmer, I haven't been able to find a job for the last two years. I've tried to keep my job skills up to date by taking college courses over the years. But apparently C++, Java, HTML, ASP.Net, Visual Basic, JavaScript, etc. are not needed or used in today's technology.

I'd be willing to work for $10 per hour, but no one is hiring me. It seems to me that if someone with my experience can't find work that this country is in deep trouble. It doesn't really matter what kind of esteem I have, if no one will give me a chance then why bother going on.

I think fifty years of American corporations attacking unions, wages, workers, etc. has left us with a sham economy. I'm hoping my fellow Americans will wake up in time to save our country and the planet from the fascism that has taken over.
What about doing jobs from that site - is it called Upwork or something? My son used to get work from that I think. Probably a lot of competition though I guess from people in third-world countries that will work for peanuts.
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