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What are some things that boosted your self-esteem?

For me, after I got my first software engineering job, my sister told me that everyone in the family including my cousins, aunts and uncles, were saying that I was a "self-made man." It made me feel good about myself, somewhat, although they didn't see me in person. It actually created a bit of anxiety because they would have had high expectations of me and I no doubt would have let them down if they actually knew me. Still, it was a good thing. Respect from your family means a lot, at least for me.

Other things that temporarily boosted my self-esteem were cases where somebody started sh*t with me and I verbally manhandled them. I can handle myself pretty well when I stay calm and I'm thinking clearly. It's the feeling where you think about what happened and say "YES!".

Not too many other things have made me feel good about myself. Friends can make you feel good about yourself, but it's been a long time since I've had any friends. Other than my wife, that is. She's a good friend.

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