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Gut bacterias

Hi you all,

I am suffering from Social anxiety since I can remeber. I have always had difficulties coping with people. I was very shy as a child. That‘s so annoys me because I think I live half of my potential which I could if I wouldn‘t have this problem. I have so many interests and ideas but that stubid social anxiety is holding me back from so many things in my life.
I am always searching for answers to resolve this problem. For example I am practising Yoga and meditation and this helps me a looot! That means, when I am in a small group of people I no more have this much problems with speaking up my thoughts. This for sure is a huge Reliefe. But still when it comes to a larger groups (more than 4 or 5 people) i still have enormous problems. Mostly I am avoiding such situations. And that sucks!
When I researched I came across with the theory, that the gut bacterias have a lot influence of our health also mentalhealth. There are a lot articles out there in the web and studies which prove this. I guess this maybe is the key to our problem.
For example I found an article in the internet that
Someone cured his social pobia by just eating a lot of special probiotics.
I did this experiment last week by myself. And I can tell you that I fell a lot more comfortable in large gatherings. Not totally cured like the writer of this article but def. a lot more secure. Maybe I for myself have to find another string of probiotcs that I am totally cured?
I also came across articles of poop transplants.
for healthy gut bacterias. I know this sounds disgusting. Bus honestly I would do almost everything to overcome this ****!
And because of gut bacterias, I as a child took a lot of antibiotics. Which we know these days destroys the gut flora enormously. How about you? Did you also take a lot of antibiotics in the past? This all maybe is a track to heal us.

What do you think?

Sorry in advanced for all the spelling mistakes, but I am not a native speaker.

Best wishes

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