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Originally Posted by tehuti88 View Post
I think you should move to a different facility, or hey, just stay in this one after all, because obviously nobody in this one, including you, gives a **** about therapeutic treatment. Inappropriate sexual conduct up the wazoo, ability to access staff CCTV and whatnot, casual attempted murder at the beach and all. Uh-huh.

And maybe just declare yourself in an open relationship because, personal boundaries?--what personal boundaries? Nobody's got time for that.

Have fun telling GF that you've given up and are now sharing saliva with Psycho Nurse.
You have raised some valid points there Tehuti

Maybe you're right there

Rather than report Psycho Nurse to her line manager; though I suppose really I should; maybe a transfer is the way to go. Only trouble is, to get to this psyche unit placement, I was on remand for six months waiting for a bed to become available

Only trouble is, across the whole of the UK, there are very few residential psyche units

NHS England, prefer care in the community, through CMHT (Community Mental Health Teams)

Far cheaper than running residential psyche units

Mostly, residential care is reserved for those who can't be cared for in the community, for various reasons

As for my Section 37 - 41, under the UK MHA 1983, I am here indefinitely until my consultant deems I'm suitable for release. He then FAX's the release papers to UK Gov's Home Secretary for him to sign the papers

Section 37 - 41 the infamous Ian Brady is on; unless now he is dead

Whereas Brady is a danger to the public (obviously); I'm a danger to my self. In the system, there is no difference between someone a danger to the public & someone to themselves. That's the MHA 1983 for you

Thanks again for you reply Tehuti xx

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