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Wauw, even in Australia! I remember an episode of adventures through the mind, recorded a few years back, with a guy from your country. He was complaining that everything was blocked due to irrational politics, even harm reduction. This research going to happen seems like a revolution in that light. What happened? It's too bad that the media resort to using the term "magic mushrooms", where "psilocybin" is the correct term to use. Sensationalism isn't helping science.

You can't really compare treatment in a clinical setting with clandestine use of psychedelics. At the end of the article: “But if you look at the studies,” he says, “it has minimal… serious adverse effects… [and] it has great potential.” The latter is the reason for the current psychedelic renaissance. It's a tragedy that Nixon's moral panic resulted in a total, decades long, global ban of research into what can potentially benefit millions around the globe. Especially those in psychological distress. There's a mental health crisis going on and we collectively fail miserably to properly address it. Psychedelics are potentially a very important ally. It's about time to let science separate truth from fiction here once and for all. Sadly, most research has to be funded by donators because those substances can't be patented, which render them useless in the eyes of big pharma and politics is still under the influence of decades of fearmongering. Peter Thiel is backing research into the use of psilocybin for treatment resistant depression though. I'm very curious about the business model he has in mind for this.

Several years ago magic mushrooms became illegal here because a tourist jumped out of a window under their influence. Off course the thousands of deaths and injuries due to the use of alcohol and tobacco every year are perfectly fine and normal. Or, more precisely, the public is being stimulated to leave tobacco alone and use alcohol in moderation but it's free to choose otherwise. The irony of it all is that psychedelics actually have great potential to save lives and promote health. I probably would not have been around anymore if it weren't for ayahauasca. I've been an extremely reluctant psychonaut because I don't take the combination of mental illness and these substances lightly and I don't think anyone should. These are very powerful and unpredicatable tools I'd rather only see in the hands of professionals. But I'm very grateful that I could get my hands on some psychedelics before it was too late. I'd rather have walked into a clinic and taken a known dose of a known substance and be guided by trained professionals before, during and after the experience. That possibility is likely to be there for people with treatment resistant PTSD in your country in two years.

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