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Originally Posted by WolverineLogan View Post
for this condition, and I tried several, it seems that too many spend time on just talking about it, I never met one therapist who actually went with me in public and worked on it, that's the main problem, and it's also risky to do this because you might be seen by someone you know in public.
I could have written this myself. Its frustrating isnt it?
In my own opinion I think that most counsellors are only qualified to work with people who have minor depression, anxiety or difficult current life circumstances, they dont know how to treat people who have a mental illness. Theres a big difference between having bad mental health and a mental illness. Its very much like physical health, you can have bad health but that can be improved through exercising or changing your diet. If you have a physical health problem like diabetes or something, it has to be treated a different way and it will never be cured but can managed. Mental health is no different. What you might need is a psychotherapist who can work with you to deal with the issues rather than someone who will just talk to you about your feelings.
Psychotherapy is much more expensive and not attainable for everyone unfortunately but dont give up, you just need to find someone you connect with.
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