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Originally Posted by ronaldjshine View Post
I agree with the business model angle. However, if you look at the psych principles they are taught, it's something like they want to help you explore a personal journey where you solve your own problems -- they do not solve them for you.

I think there are better resources for social skill development. Psychs are generally academically taught and are basically telling you things they learned in a classroom. I'd have to be skeptical if they themselves dont' suffer from SA and had to learn social skills as adults themselves. And some psychs are just better than others with treatment methods. The first two i chatted with I enjoyed getting things off my chest and just talking about issues. That was a psychological relief. Talk therapy. However, in terms of improvement, there was nothing really helpful after that... they didn't instruct me to do things... and I stopped going. Honestly, I feel I would have had better luck going to a behavioral school for autistic kids, b/c there they focus and teach basic social skills.

Actually, my side project is to focus on those social skills... it's not easy, b/c there are so many... but definitely give my podcast a listen, I inject a lot of personal stories.
If therapy does not work one can always try support groups because not only do you get **** off your chest but they also provide feedback when you share. They provide great insight and can relate to your problems and teach you how they overcame or are dealing with related issues.

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