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Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
How did you find SAS?
i actually dont know. a day or two in i tried to figure out how i got here, i must have looked up something. usually i know how i found a website.

Do you feel welcome here?
as much as any other place online.

What do you like about SAS so far?
diversity of opinion, and minimal hassle over it. i have like three people on ignore (every forum should have that feature) and thats what it takes to make the forum 50% better. ive talked to at least 20 people i think, so 3 isnt a lot.

Does anything disappoint you so far?
nothing worth mentioning, really.

Is there anything you would change?
usually. at the moment, nothing worth changing.

Do you feel comfortable posting here?
yes, but to me that reads like "do you feel welcome" again. technically theyre different questions, i suppose.

Is there anything you would like to see?
theres nothing i would change at the moment.

What were your first impressions of this forum?
quiet, people talking about how there used to be more people-- followed by the realisation that there is plenty of activity and new people showing up.

Which types of threads would you like to see more of?
theres nothing i would change at the moment. i would create threads i wanted more of.

What do you think would encourage you to post more?
are you sure thats really necessary?

Do you have any problems with ads redirecting you to other websites?
very much. the only website i go to that even tries to do that is an adult site.

what do you mean "redirects you" though? like takes you to another site when you click on the ad? or hijacks your browsing at random and autorefreshes to a page on a different domain?

the former is common sense. i consider the latter dubious from a security and ethical standpoint.

do you have a way to donate to the site via paypal? i dont have money for you, but its worth asking if theres a way to help fund the website.
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