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Originally Posted by Silent Memory View Post
Hi, and welcome to SAS. I hope you will like it and that it will be helpful for you. If youíre a returning member, welcome back. Itís always nice when people return.

These are some questions that could help to improve SAS and keep it being the forum we all want it to be. Itís okay if you donít answer all of them. Anyone can answer these questions - you donít have to be new, or a returning member.

How did you find SAS?

Do you feel welcome here?

What do you like about SAS so far?

Does anything disappoint you so far?

Is there anything you would change?

Do you feel comfortable posting here?

Is there anything you would like to see?

What were your first impressions of this forum?

Which types of threads would you like to see more of?

What do you think would encourage you to post more?

Do you have any problems with ads redirecting you to other websites?

Thank you for your answers, and for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a great day. ☆ ♡
Sorry i forgot to quotee ya in the 1st post[emoji28][emoji28] so im reposting[emoji40][emoji40]

Hey man I've been in SAS for over a month now! Hopefully I'm eligible for answering these[emoji6][emoji4]

1.[emoji36] SAS is an amazing place for everyone like me who needs some friends similar to them and discuss and have fun in the group with everyone like minded as them. Its unbelievable[emoji173][emoji173]

2.[emoji846] absolutely! Even though I've made only a couple of deep friends here, (but i expect to make a lot more[emoji6]) friends, in general everyone is meme friendly[emoji23][emoji23] and everyone is pretty kind and sharing you know, love reading everyones stories and sharing my ones here aswell[emoji847][emoji847]

3.[emoji173] i like that fact about SAS that this forum is a step by step anxiety recovery forum. As we start off with introduction at first, we progress steo by steo and meet new people and have tons of fun and emotional moments. It's just like a pokemon game, full of adventure[emoji23][emoji5]

4.[emoji873] nothing much to say about this one actually[emoji28][emoji28] at the end of the day, its a forum. Everything nice we get here is great already itself. Now there maybe some slight add ons that would make it better but I think it's the best personality and anxiety recovery related forum out there ^^

5.[emoji7] I would change....... maybe make myself in a higher rank?[emoji41][emoji41] that would be dope[emoji23][emoji23] nah just kiddin everyone around here is awesome and in deserved positions

6.[emoji41] yeah of course, the people are good and responsive. I get honest feedback. I meet positive people. I see SAS, I click[emoji41][emoji8]

7.[emoji5] yess maybe I'd like to see people doing more comminations and getting along with each other and influencing their lives online. But that's probably just a people thing, nothing could be done about it on the forum itself though and I understand that :")

8.[emoji847] I actuallybstarted with the first step introductions[emoji23] and also met a couple of people with my "hii" post! [emoji23][emoji23] they were really nice [emoji5][emoji5] I'd love to relive it again[emoji851][emoji851]

9.[emoji8] I'd love to see more friendship, relationship & helping each other out type of forums here. That would impact and attract a lot more people into this already great site ^^

10.[emoji2] I think people sharing more interesting stories of themselves would be more connective and interactive and it would influence me mkre to share and express myself more aswell[emoji847][emoji847]

11.[emoji6] actually sometimes there are long videos, but they are small and not too distracting. So i think the ads are fine[emoji4][emoji4]

Thank you so much for the questions man, would love to meet you if you're interested and nevertheless, have a wonderful day[emoji847][emoji847][emoji847][emoji173][emoji173][emoji173]

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