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Some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers:

When will I be able to edit or delete my posts? - When you reach 50 posts, you will obtain an Edit button. This also gives you the option to delete your posts, with the exception of it being the first post in a thread.

Can I please have my account deleted or banned? - No. User requested bans can no longer be granted, and there are many reasons for this. There are no exceptions. For the same reasons, and more, deletions cannot be allowed. If you are asking for a ban due to spending too much time on SAS, we suggest you change your password to a random, forgettable string of letters and numbers before logging out.

Can I have more than one account? - No. If you do have more than one account, you can ask to have them merged. If found to have multiple accounts, you will be asked to choose one to keep. The other/s will be permanently banned. You may swap usernames with the account you didn’t choose to keep.

What happened to the Member Photo Albums forum? - It has been restricted to members who have reached 75 posts as a security measure.

These are the full FAQs:

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