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Originally Posted by Shredder View Post
..... Have you personal experience with EMDR? I did it as part of my therapy but it kinda stalled. On paper it all looked pretty simple and easy but once we started I began to get emotionally distressed which was not mentioned in anything that I've ever read on how thingsgo down in a session. I guess it kinda took me off guard and then it became just another of the many hurdles to overcome in therapy. I still feel like going back at some stage and trying it again. Perhaps AvP is more of an issue for me these days than what SAD is.

Hi Shredder,
I've not tried it with any therapist, just dabbled with it on my own - it does do something - seems to drag stuff up, but it's dealing with the emotions that come up that maybe a major part of it. I did read that some emotional disturbances were not unusual for EMI, I would say that it was a sign it was working. Several sessions are supposed to be taken before it can do it's job. Maybe you could consider giving it another shot?
There was no therapist near me doing EMI last time I looked, but I have worked with various therapists using other therapies over the years some have helped, some were useless.
I don't know much about AvPD, it sounds similar to SAD to me. I know if we don't do anything, we won't change, but it's hard, it's a cruel world.
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