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Eye Movement Integration - EMI

Eye Movement Integration or EMI for short was started by Canadian Danie Beaulieu. It has similarities to EMDR except the eye movements are different, using a pattern of 22 eye movements and typically done more slowly, whereas EMDR generally uses a horizontal-only set of movements done at a faster pace (REM speed).
EMI claims to be on offshoot from NLP, although Danie Beaulieu has been trained in EMDR as well.
EMI has claimed to be effective in treating PTSD and other mental health issues.

There is some dispute over the origin of EMDR, as NLP co-founder John Grinder claims he gave Francine Shapiro the basics for EMDR when she worked for his Company. She denies the conversation ever took place. See

In anycase, Francine Shapiro desrves credit for at least bringing Eye Movement therapies to the wider public.

There is no EMI certified therapist in my locality so I can't vouch for it's effectiveness but it would seem a viable alternative to EMDR

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