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Last night I found out my partner met someone for sex

As I have said above, she feels pain having penetrative sex & bleeds from her torn vaginal tissue; but as she enjoys penetrative sex, she puts up with the pain

No big issue normally, as I'm totally oblivious, which is how I like it. I don't want to know. I have told her if she loves me, as she claims to, then she'll be discreet & not let me found out

But last night she was blatant, not giving a monkey's whether or not I found out.

So when she arrived home I asked her if she loves me

She replied "Of course I do; you know I do"

So I told her how I found out. I told her where to go, that I need time to consider where we go from here

She started to apologise & pleaded with me not to dump her

If I did dump her, I would see she's alright. I would pay the rent on a flat/apartment for her to live & give her money to live on. Of course I still love her, but I feel hurt. This isn't the first time I have been hurt in a relationship, so I should be used to it

I reminded her, that before I was castrated, I only had sex with her once, until I found out about her vaginal injuries. But if she desires penetrative sex elsewhere; fine, as long as she has the decency to be discreet, not letting me find out

But she wasn't discreet. Currently she is being quiet, knowing what she has done to me, looking at me occasionally, as if asking me if things are ok between us

As usual, I am online in my mate's company office with both my partner & my nurse.

When my partner went to the office kitchen to make coffee, my nurse asked me if I was ok

I just told her to STFU

She looked at me, looking hurt, I should respond to her like that

She too, is being quiet

Yes; I was mean to both of them; I'll obviously eventually be nice to them both & forget what happened last night

But anyway.... There's a lot to be said, in favour of being a bachelor; which I was before my partner & I met

But of course, now it is different. I would be at a loss without my partner. She doesn't know this; I have not told her, hence her apologising & pleading for me to forgive her. As I have said above, of course I'll forgive her

But why should I make it easier for her? Same with my nurse

I suppose I should let it go. I'll have forgotten all about it by tomorrow & welcome my partner back with open arms

While you SCREAM at your woman, there's a man, wishing he could talk softly in her ear...

there's a man flirting with her, & reminding her, how wonderful she is.

While you HURT your woman,
there's a man wishing he could show her love

While you make your woman CRY,
there's a man stealing smiles from her.

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