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Originally Posted by BeardedMessiahBob View Post
I think he effectively bought one. But why people (not you) think that "getting a girlfriend" is a measure of success or happiness escapes me. Ultimately if you have to literally buy a partner, you don't have anything that would attract a partner, and its going to be a ****ing mess. Imagine ultrashy in a relationship, he wouldn't even spend any on her, so firstly she would leave, and secondly he would make everything a living nightmare.

This is what the frustrationites seem to miss on SAS, "getting a gf" is going to be pointless for them because they are so screwed up, they likely aren't functional enough to maintain a relationship that is going to be worth anything. Especially the "women only like.... / the world made me a virgin" posters.

Ultrashy, relationship, happiness, not the slimmest chance..

I agree with this entirely, and I wish more people on here would understand this. Being in a relationship doesn't solve problems, it just creates new unique ones. Especially when you're emotionally and mentally conflicted. One has to work on oneself, seek help, discover new interests, etc etc before they can allow someone into their life. If not, and they bring all their moodiness and emotional turmoil into that relationship, it will just alienate and weird out the other person. Often in these relationships, the desperate person is overly clingy, suffocating, and can be controlling. Some of the attitudes expressed on here in regards to women suggest to me that it's no mystery women avoid men with those thought patterns. It merely turns them into a goal, a trophy to show that they finally did it. A relationship is supposed to be a devout partnership, showing that other person that you care about them and are willing to work with them and allow them to be who they are, and accept and love them for that. Many desperate people don't want that, they merely want a symbol to cast their insecurities and emotions on, or at the very bottom, a sex slave. Depends on the person, I suppose.

Tying in with the theme of the thread, guys who are very poor tend to not have a great time finding long term partners, because their poverty and lifestyle indicates that they don't plan ahead long enough or aren't trying hard enough (this is very superficial and stereotypical, I know; some people are poor out of circumstance; I'm not referring to those, but rather people who create their own poverty through choice). In this same vain, guys who are emotionally impoverished will have an equally hard time keeping a woman around, because they'll come off as a constant victim and will end up trying to emotionally manipulate and force the girl to be just as miserable as he is, turning the relationship toxic.

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