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Originally Posted by Tone View Post
Yes,2000 not 200 and Moddis said the same thing above, sky high doses no effect

when you have part people saying theres no effect and part people saying it works, you have another case of a placebo, like the thousands of other placebos people give high reviews on, New Age Crystal Healing, Homeopthy, etc, this is no different

Stuff that works effects everyone, for example everone dies from cyanide, goes unconscious from anesthetics, gets different stimulant results from adderall, slightly different results from benzos, etc. Something that works effects everyone though it may not be the particular target they need, or may cause side effects in some that others dont get.
Ummm....I think you might be using somewhat faulty reasoning there. But I'm not here to argue.

L-theanine is not magic but it's not really placebo either. What L-theanine actually does is takes the edge off of caffeine. So if you buy a big bottle of L-theanine and take it that way, it's not going to do much. If you drink a few cups of high quality green tea you will notice that you have what feels like a caffeine buzz without being a nervous wreck like you would be if you drank coffee. This is because quality green tea has caffeine AND L-theanine and coffee doesn't.

That said, L-theanine does not cure SA (or anything else). It just gives you clarity and focus for a short period of time. Then it's time for another cup of tea.

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