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Originally Posted by ladysmurf View Post
2000mg at once??

the problem is the damn side effects the medications have or make you worse, or don't work at all, and you can't handle them. i'm not getting my hopes up for this but it was cheap a friend recommended it who has similar issues so I said OK.
Yes,2000 not 200 and Moddis said the same thing above, sky high doses no effect

when you have part people saying theres no effect and part people saying it works, you have another case of a placebo, like the thousands of other placebos people give high reviews on, New Age Crystal Healing, Homeopthy, etc, this is no different

Stuff that works effects everyone, for example everone dies from cyanide, goes unconscious from anesthetics, gets different stimulant results from adderall, slightly different results from benzos, etc. Something that works effects everyone though it may not be the particular target they need, or may cause side effects in some that others dont get.

We live in a placebo world. Dont believe the excuse that "somethings work for some that dont work for others" thats a false statement in most cases, statements like that only apply to actually active drugs like adderall. opioids, etc, not to stuff like Theanine, Reiki and acupuncture. **** this planet and the placebo epidemic which causes a disinfomation effect that prevents the motive for REAL treatment to exist.,

This is the same horse**** that causes SSRIs to have a false success rate and be deemed marketable instead of someone getting anything they want that works. SSRIs get the same numbers and feel back as known and largely undisputed garbage, like New age energy healing spas and homeopathy tablets empty of any material but lactose and binder.

You could well-market virtually anything and the dissociative, suggestable population will have like half positive feedback giving it four or five stars. Its all very flaky. You could probably pull it off with the extract of horse ****
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