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The problem for me is I can't use most of these, physically activity would work, if it weren't for my severe asthma and allergies. And when my breathing is restricted, I panic and gradually I start breathing harder. If I'm in any sort of panicking state, I will start peeling skin out from under my nails, picking at acne which later form into large scabs from continuous over picking. Everything I've tried hasn't stopped me from picking.
I can't distract myself because at times, I'm picking and don't even realize it. When I do realize, It's always halfway through removing a piece of skin and I can't stop then because the skin will just be hanging there and I will always go back to picking, even worse this time, because I can't stand having loose scabs/skin. I've tried calming or upbeat music, but I continue to pick as I'm listening. I can't call someone because my anxiety is worse talking to people on the phone. If I had a pet, I could cuddle them and instantly feel better, but I'm allergic, and my place doesn't allow pets. I can't let out my anger because I will feel guilty if I damage literally anything, and I'm scared that if I scream, nothing will come out. I can't just avoid my triggers because it seems my triggers are any and every single negative emotion and feeling that I feel. I can't just remove myself from the situation that causes this because I'm not in control of most situations. It doesn't matter how much I want to stop or how much I regret it later, it's like the pain is a drug and I'm an addict. I've tried using rubber bands and slapping them on my wrist but it didn't feel the same. It didn't feel "right".

I seriously don't know what to do, my face, arms, chest and back are all covered in open sores and scars, that are all over my legs as well. I have tough skin under my nails and near the tips of my fingers which make me want to pick them even more, and God forbid I notice/feel a loose scab there is a 0% chance it'll still be there within the next 20 seconds along with alot of extra skin around the wound.
I've even tried medication to lower my obsessiveness but it was useless.

If anyone has any more suggestions of things I could try, I'd be very thankful.
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