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Originally Posted by findyourself View Post
I said that feminism is the biggest cancer in America. I never said 'women' but the feminism movement.

That is all you said?
Don't worry about it.

People are not going to like what you believe.
Maybe next time keep your comment to yourself unless you are prepared to be confronted by someone disagree with you.
And what you said wasn't disrespectful. {But how would I know? I never saw the post.}

You cannot pretend that you never said it.
If I were you I would just let this whole thing blow over and go about your day.
The last thing I want is for you to regret and linger about what people think about you now and what you said and believe.
You did the right thing, not replying back and deleting the post. just don't answer back unless you are ready to have a debate that may become heated.

Don't worry, let it blow over and enjoy your day: )
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