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I've officially been off of Lexapro (was on 15mg for just over a year) for 3 months now. I just now am able to sleep well, after experiencing bouts of insomnia from withdrawal (I tapered off for 3 weeks).

My social anxiety is definitely creeping back into my life. However, I couldn't take the level of apathy and lack of creativity I was experiencing (especially detrimental being an artist/ musician). Though I felt that I was able to relax more and "let things slide", there was a tangible disconnect to life and those in my life, I became so disinterested with everything. The weight gain was also terrible (gained 30-40lbs), I am slowly shedding this off with diligent diet restrictions/ exercise and starting to get energy stores back. Also I feel that my memory is sharper.

I want to express the importance of being proactive in other aspects of life and making a daily effort to push yourself socially while being on Lexapro, it is too easy to start feeling at ease and "enjoying the ride"- while letting opportunities and responsibilities pass you by.

It may work for others though- I definitely should have not been drinking as much as I was, as I felt this messed with the effectiveness (few beers every other night due to being in the college lifestyle), just wanted to add my experience to the list. Cheers!
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