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Originally Posted by Synaps3 View Post
Without having read the OP, I can tell you that mushrooms have been a GREAT help to me. Beautiful stuff!!! Do not trust it too much though because it can lead you astray. You may start believing in things that don't have any logical basis in reality.

It's always good if you are a very logical thinker. If you are a INFP or INFJ personality type, then forget it. You'll probably end up convincing yourself something ridiculous. I've seen this before. You have to have a strong mind to benefit from this stuff or else you'll just end up a hippy who believes everything that "FEELS" right.

It is a great tool. I've even used the stuff to have conversations with a god-like consciousness in my head. It told me what was right and wrong about my life and what I should do. It was amazing. Take it with caution and go into it with some questions you intend to ask yourself.
Hmm... On the border for T/F; but probably heavily leaning towards F; so an INFP (at least I think). In a way, I do lack "grounding" or whatever, and have a kind of disdain for it as well that is not inherently logical.

I'd probably start out with lower dosages or whatever, and use it sparingly. And then, I suppose incorporate a guided inquiry session to wrap the experience inside of as well.

Btw, are you an INTP / ISTP or INTJ?
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