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I took three grams of Kratom per day for several months back in 2013-14. I don't know if I what I was really ingestion was purely Kratom. Because it was purchased in a little bag of thirty capsules at a smoke shop. But at the time it was wonderful. It felt like a very weak Vicodin when it started to work everyday. Just what I needed. Then a day came when I purchased (and consumed) what I normally did (what appeared to be the same product at the shop) and it made me violently ill around twelve hours later. Nausea for two hours. Leading up to retching and puking for several minutes. Pain all night long. From being poisoned. I found out through investigation that at the time there were two major suppliers of Kratom in the United States. And one most likely tampered with the others batch to sabotage the competition. Ruined everything for me. I waited several months. Then I was so desperate to feel good again that I purchased it from a different smoke shop in a different city. Different looking product on the outside. All day long I felt the slow nausea building. I downed water bottle after water bottle for the rest of the day. The nausea got worse. But it disappeared before it could graduate to full on sickness and puking again. I avoided it. I'll never attempt to take Kratom again. It is wonderful in its pure unadulterated form. Feels exactly like weak Vicodin without urinary retention and other unpleasant effects. But how can I possibly find it in that form? There's no way to know who I can trust to sell it to me that way.
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