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Originally Posted by ShatteredGlass View Post
Interesting. I wonder how a psychologist would go about treating a patient (such as yourself) experiencing this...? Would they treat it as a purely anxiety / psychosis related issue, or would they incorporate philosophical teachings to change your epistemological and metaphysical views to those that are perhaps more 'healthy'? I guess dealing with the psychosis is the essential first step.
I talk about philosophy with my therapist but it’s mostly unrelated to this. He’s interested in what I’m reading and letting me practice putting my thoughts into words, so I haven’t gotten any specifically philosophical counseling for this, that would be interesting though.

Also the mere fact that “you can’t prove you’re not living in a simulation” doesn’t really bother me anymore, I feel like pragmatism and phenomenology give good responses to that. It’s more the idea that there really is positive evidence for living in a false reality that fuels my paranoia.

I'm guessing you have a diagnosis related to schizophrenia if you're taking Ziprasidone. Is that right, @Barakiel ?
My therapist said I might have a “mild thought disorder”, and we told my psychiatrist about how I’ve listened to voices in media for messages directed to me but that’s about it.

Also I was taking Abilify for a few months but my parents were so concerned about it causing weight gain so I ended up with the new meds just a few days ago.
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