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Originally Posted by plastics View Post
I'm pretty sure most people are happier than me. You probably don't have depression on top of SA. Be thankful.
hell yeah i have depression XD Lifelong severe social anxiety. Severe ocd. Severe derealization/depersonalization disorder. But i'm kinda happy you can be too, maybe you should learn to appreciate things more, and learn to not let your problems affect your happiness. There is no point in feeling bad about anything. And like i said appreciate life more, a lot of people here dream of nothing more in life than having a husband/wife. I'm not in your shoes so i am sorry for whatever you are going through, but you seem to have a lot of good things in your life. Oh and maybe you should talk to your husband about both trying to support each other? One vital thing in relationships is support, its like the minute both parties stop supporting each other, it starts to fall apart.
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