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Originally Posted by DeFyYing View Post
Thank you, and yeah if it's this hard learning the intricacies of my own disorders and the meds I'm on, I can't imagine having to know everything about every mental health condition and all of the meds and all of the therapy styles, and then applying them to people with various comorbidities and personal backgrounds, personalities, and trauma it sounds exhausting and there's a lot of pressure on you guys. I probably wouldn't be alive without my psychiatrist, so thanks again for what you guys do.

I'm on gabapentin because I'm in a weird position where I need something for my social anxiety, but my doc doesn't want me on benzos because of tolerance (I'd probably need it everyday) and antidepressants because I've gone manic on the ones I've tried so far. So for anxiolytics my doc wanted me to try gabapentin 3 times a day, but the dose is so low it's not really doing anything. I've heard some docs give it as a mood stabilizer, but I've read it's not very good at that, it's mostly just for pain and off-label anxiety. I think the Zyprexa is helping the social anxiety, which is good. The new doc at partial said he wants to stabilize me and deal with psychosis first, then social anxiety after.
Thank you for you very kind words to the psychiatric field. Psychiatry is probably the most disrespected field of medicine next to chiropractors. It's frustrating because we go through all this medical training and schooling, the same as every other MD, and yet we can't always see how to heal our patients. It's still a while yet before I reach that part. but it will be extremely taxing when it comes. The reward though when a patient who suffers finds a regiment that makes them feel better, that's what it's all about. I'm specializing in schizophrenia and personality disorders, so the conditions many strip-mall psychs don't really like to treat. Learning how to approach schizophrenia and its related disorders is akin to learning deep philosophy: barely anyone truly understands it, but we can put the pieces together best we can and roll with it.

I see now, yeah I've really only ever seen gabapentin prescribed for people with MS or pain in their back or extremities. He was right to avoid benzodiazapines and probably antidepressants as well. I agree that the worse symptom should be dealt with first. Some mood stabilizers are good for schizoaffective, and ECT has shown to possibly reduce psychotic symptoms while also allowing antidepressants to work better and resolve depressive symptoms. I do truly hope you find a way to overcome your psychosis though, and it's fantastic that you've developed such a great patient relationship with your doctor.

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