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I've tried 5HTP a few times when I was first searching for anxiety-reducing supplements. I felt like it was very unpredictable. Sometimes it made me sleepy, sometimes it made me feel foggy/dizzy/lightheaded. Once I took it on am empty stomach (I intermittent fast) and it made me faint. I generally don't recommend it to people based on my experience. I kind of liked Aniracetam for a little while, but it always left me feeling jittery and depressed after it wore off. I take phenibut once or twice a week for big events or large get-togethers. I feel like it's pretty low risk in comparison to 5HTP, and it hasn't produced any worrisome side effects. But fir daily consumption I stick with L-Theanine. I tell everyone to try it. It's incredibly benign, it's another amino acid. I take a lot more than the recommended dose, though. I take a minimum of 400 mg and usually somewhere closer to 700-1000 mg is good for me. I always get it and phenibut from Liftmode and have yet to be disappointed. If you're trying to stay away from potentially addicting substances I'd say don't try phenibut, but L-Theanine is the bomb.
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