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Originally Posted by Sus y View Post
-are trying to learn.
-tried to learn but was too difficult (or didn't had time for, were too shy for classes, or other reason).
-think it's the most interesting or beautiful.
-thinking it's the most horrible or difficult.
I speak English and un tout petit peux de francais
I'm trying to learn bits of Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian. I'd like to add German to that list too. Had a stint in Polish for a while (I only know words, not sentences). And Arabic is cool, again, just words, no sentences.
I tried to learn Arabic but I found the alphabet confusing as well as which dialect to use because everyone has their own slang, it's mind boggling.
Most interesting is all of them in their own unique way.
Most difficult is probably Russian maybe? Then again I found Polish to be easy once I got the hang of it. It's that darned Cyrillic. Pochemu?! It's like alien to me.

Why am I learning languages? It's just cool to know. And maybe I'll travel one day and not struggle in another country.
Tips for learning language: um... just listen. Listen to native speakers. Take an actual intensive class. Intensive classes are a good way to learn. And songs too. Because I'm a nerd, I took both French and Spanish in high school.
Me gustaria, je voudrais, ya kachu aprender, etudier, uchitsya a lot of languages. Even Tamil or Urdu. It's possible and fun. Da, kanyeshna. Sans doute.
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