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Originally Posted by SFC01 View Post
English and the language of love, mon cherie :-)

What about you Susy ?
I need to learn the language of love , there is so much to win with it.

I was forced, basically, to learn English when I was in school, it was horrible, didn't learn anything lol, I have learned the most using forums lol, also I did a two months curse that helped me to speak/write all this gibberish way lol.

I was trying to learn Portuguese for a trip I was planning to do this past December (gor ruined it) , so I kind of lost motivation about it. I can understand about 65% when listening/watching videos, about 45% read, however cannot write it or speak it a single bit, this is because Portuguese as well as Spanish are Romance languages, they have lots of cognates and similarities in general, so given a context it's somewhat easy to predict what people's talking about.

I spent about two months trying to learn Japanese (not so seriously) but quit after having some weird kanji dreams lol, it was like having the Tetris' effect, although I wasn't trying hard maybe my brain didn't saw it the same way? I guess lol.

Originally Posted by sabbath9 View Post
I'm learning German from Rammstein songs
That's an interesting way to learn, good for the listening, I still have a hard time picking up lyrics in English, sometimes other audios (such as videos, are difficult, specially if not American English), that's a bit frustrating but I'm willing to work on it.

Originally Posted by geraltofrivia View Post
Este thread me gusta
Me gusta que te guste .

Originally Posted by geraltofrivia View Post
Are you using an app, course or method for learning?
Yes Duolingo. Awesome app. It lacks grammar tho. So I use 2 other different websites alongside it. One has great grammar lessons and the other has great online exercises.
Which sites? I'm very curios now!

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