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Este thread me gusta

Farsi, English

Are trying to learn.

Tried to learn but was too difficult (or didn't had time for, were too shy for classes, or other reason).
Arabic: Didn't actually try to learn it. It was part of school schedule. But I didn't continue learning after school.
Japanese: Influenced by anime. Said **** it quickly after starting to learn it.

Think it's the most interesting or beautiful.

Thinking it's the most horrible or difficult.
(Other than tenses you guys have moods for verbs! That's a whole new set of rules to learn. Why??)

Why did you learned (or tried to) a second language? Was it too difficult?
Because everything speaks English. I can't say it was difficult because I just gradually learned it over years, I didn't take serious courses. And comparing it to Spanish and Arabic it's easy AF.

Why are you trying to learn another language?
Because I wanted to do something useful with my time. Also because Spanish is spoken in a lot of countries and I can get to know their people and their societies better. Also I like South America. Also Spanish sounds nice.

Are you using an app, course or method for learning?
Yes Duolingo. Awesome app. It lacks grammar tho. So I use 2 other different websites alongside it. One has great grammar lessons and the other has great online exercises.

When in school were you ever obligated to learn another language? How was it?
English and Arabic. Was very basic. And I was the best in class in both of them

Tips for learning another language.
Be patient. Watch movies and play games and read stuff in that language.

Are you seeking for people to practice with? (the targeted language). How would you like to do such kind of interchanges? (if so).
Not really. Everything tends to become a burden for me so I avoid creating obligations.

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